here comes the sun

latest from Linked In domenico de clario here comes the sun / george harrison 1969 image: snowstorm on W20th st thanksgiving 1995 (emma de clario 2003) Go to Linked In for more songs

songs for albert – january 2022

domenico de clario + jonathan sinatra + raka supriatna songs for albert tempo rubato, melbourne 8 pm january 17 2022 (full moon) ‘la mente di tutti e’ illuminata da canzoni d'amore’  Hadeweijck c 1250 AD The story of how songs for...Read More

gorgeous nothings

Had the great pleasure of contributing to Dookie Arts nomadic silo project in March of 2020  

invisible cities

Marco Polo's travels as told to Kublai Khan, Imagined and published by Italo Calvino in 1972 here read by Domenico de Clario in 2020 during the COVID lockdown in Mildura 1 Diomira [video width="426" height="240" mp4=""][/video] 2 Isidora [video width="426"...Read More

winter solstice

19 June, 2017 you are invited to a winter solstice performance ‘journey from the surface of the earth (the idea of light and love)’ with domenico de clario + sharon jewell + don mayne + ren walters from 5.08 pm...Read More

songs for albert

domenico de clario / donald mayne songs for albert adfa building 31 deakin avenue mildura from 5.54 pm (end of twilight) until 9.01 pm (moonrise) saturday july 23 2016   ‘la mente di tutti e’ illuminata da canzoni d'amore’ Since 2003...Read More

suono di sogno

domenico de clario / alessandro signoretti suono di sogno (the sound of dreaming) 5.33 pm (new moon) june 5 2016 adfa building mildura Think what it would be to have a work conceived from outside the self, a work that...Read More

walking slowly downhill

walking slowly downhill (posidonia) bolte gallery mildura arts centre from february 11 (new moon) until february 21 2016 (opening performance in bolte gallery february 12 at 7 pm) The project titled 'walking slowly downhill' commenced on the new moon morning...Read More

crystal palace

Crystal Palace exhibition - Flinders University City Gallery 2013


Questions about migrants and identity. Art is sometimes about pushing boundaries and subjective interpretation, and having your head shaved to get people thinking about cultural backgrounds and how they affect our lives is a particularly bold example of one of...Read More