Domenico de Clario is an artist who values the process of creation as much as the outcome.

His installation “conversazioni con les estrellas” (“conversations with the sky”) has converted a room of the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre into a virtual workspace, storage space and memory chamber.

Its part of a group show entitled ‘Revisitations’ alongside Elizabeth Presa, Anthony Pelchen, Tony Yap and Lella Cariddi.

“I’m much more comfortable with the idea that the work makes itself. This could be anything, it’s meaning has to be imparted by how others might relate to this. In a way it’s an open page, it’s an opportunity for people to engage with something,” Domenico says.

The work invites deep inspection, with hundreds of objects that are o

ften as unique as they are mundane.

“When art is didactic, when you’re told what’s good for you and you’re told what to believe and you’re told what to like and you’re told what is beautiful, then I think the experience becomes passive. You’re looking onto the artist having an experience….but I’m really interested in communicating with other human beings about what it is to be human.”