gorgeous nothings

Had the great pleasure of contributing to Dookie Arts nomadic silo project in March of 2020 https://vimeo.com/430199306?fbclid=IwAR0LJi6vjED33akZCDPBtm1z8i6p6I9a08HDL4WWBPH3tSSI1i1GDGShuIE  

tonglen – may 2017

More than a lifetime of a family's possessions, placed neatly in a pit the size of a swimming pool, are being used in a ceremonial burial as part of an art installation near Mildura. Two cars, a trailer, furniture, beds,...Read More

richiamo (longing)

domenico de clario richiamo (longing) In his celebrated novel ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ (1984), Milan Kundera discusses, among many other fascinating subjects, the nature of an unquenchable desire for an unidentifiable state of consciousness that has been lost, forgotten...Read More


Questions about migrants and identity. Art is sometimes about pushing boundaries and subjective interpretation, and having your head shaved to get people thinking about cultural backgrounds and how they affect our lives is a particularly bold example of one of...Read More


Domenico de Clario is an artist who values the process of creation as much as the outcome. His installation "conversazioni con les estrellas" ("conversations with the sky") has converted a room of the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre into...Read More

off your back

August 23, 2008 Layers both literal and symbolic are explored in Domenico de Clario's work, writes Andrew Stephens. FATHER'S COAT WAS bought in the winter of 1963 at the Leviathan Building in Bourke Street. The label stitched inside confidently announces...Read More